Keema Matar

My view is that keema is essentially an Indian version of a Bolognese sauce. And yes, I have eaten it with pasta on many occasions with grated cheddar on top. This was one of the classier meals I ate during my university days. Reminiscing about my youth suddenly makes me feel ancient! What I love… Continue reading Keema Matar


Blush Orange Juice with Ginger and Kala Namak

My Instagram has recently been bombarded with luscious images of rhubarb pudding and upside-down orange cakes. Naturally I craved to be equally trendy so I went shopping and ended up buying multi-packs of oranges to make one upside down cake. Sometimes you just get carried away food shopping. The cake was a disaster and I… Continue reading Blush Orange Juice with Ginger and Kala Namak